Major new customer confirms the selected strategy

Workseed’s first steps were taken in the field of VET, where vocational institutions were concerned about the challenges posed by VET reform that their purely knowledge-based LMSs could not meet. We initially developed tools on our platform to support workplace learning and hands-on training. In addition, we provided integration with the customers’ online learning environments, which made it possible to monitor the students’ progress in one platform.

More comprehensive tools for knowledge-based training

After experiencing Workseed as easy to use for practical skills training, our customers gradually began to hope for a more comprehensive set of tools for theory and knowledge-based skills as well. Through a dialogue with customers, we were able to specify the customers’ demands for the new capabilities and launched a development project aimed at solving them. We knew that diversifying our platform to a comprehensive learning environment would bring challenges, for example in terms of usability.

As a result of our development project, we launched support for H5P content on our platform in early 2021. H5P enables the implementation of highly diverse content, from interactive slideshows to virtual tours based on 360 images. H5P and other new cool features for theory based studies have now made it possible to implement the whole qualification on a single online platform, which has been taken positively among our clients. The new interactive contents are now used in online course packages, smaller homework assignments and other short-term courses in both practical and theory based courses.

EDUFI confirms we’re on the right track

We reached a significant milestone recently after participating in the Finnish National Agency of Education’s s (EDUFI) tender for a SaaS based learning environment. They were procuring a platform for the production and publication of digital learning materials. In the future, EDUFI’s publishing department will increasingly produce digital learning materials as well as complementary exercises and teacher materials.

All the key suppliers of the Finnish e-learning market took part in the tender process. In the qualitative evaluation, Workseed was the only product collecting full points in software capabilities and ease of use and our platform was selected as the EDUFIs content production platform. We will tell you more about the progress of the project later, but we are already excited about the cooperation and the strategic plan created two years ago.


Markus Weiland, CEO

Teemu Tiainen, solution expert