Joblink streamlined new employee onboarding

How to best administer a large number of training courses with multiple stakeholders involved? Joblink knows exactly how. 

Joblink is a Finnish staffing agency that recruits and manages staff for the retail industry. Joblink collaborates with clients to provide high quality onboarding and training – using Workseed LMS for best possible results. 

We had an opportunity to interview Hanna Keski-Hakuni (COO) and Theresa Finell (HR Coordinator) on how Workseed helps them manage multiple training programs at the same time.


Tools for complex training


Joblink recruits and manages employees for the retail industry. Currently it employs circa 3 500 workers for 500 corporate clients. Joblink also manages new employee orientation and provides extensive training during work. Joblink values good stakeholder relationships and continuous improvement. 

These values led Joblink to try the Workseed digital learning environment to improve their onboarding process. Their goal was to do everything they used to do – only better, easier, and more flexibly. 

When comparing providers for learning environments, Joblink prioritized high quality tools for HR process management, communication, and feedback. 


How Workseed streamlined management


How did the Workseed implementation project succeed? With the new platform Joblink achieved the following benefits: 

More efficient use of time. HR processes can be managed more flexibly on the new platform, reducing overall administrative workload. All processes related to onboarding and training can be managed in the same place. Supervisors can follow learners’ progress in realm time and provide feedback when needed. 

We are saving plenty of time in comparison to before. We no longer have to call after employees in case there are problems or if onboarding is behind schedule.”

Easy and intuitive user interface. The platform has a large number of users, often under pressure to finish training within a set deadline. Some users may not be adept at using digital tools for training. The intuitive and simple Workseed optimal tool for Joblink, as it reduces time spent on training new employees. 

Easy implementation process. When Workseed LMS was first adopted, HR staff at Joblink considered that the implementation process was smooth. Communication with the provider’s technical support was constructive and users received enough support during the adoption phase. 

“The Workseed team had the patience to support us and explain anything we didn’t at first understand.”

Intuitive environment for a large training portfolio. Users appreciated the tools for administering a large quantity of training programs that are managed in cooperation between multiple stakeholders. Workseed LMS makes it easy for many content creators and supervisors to collaborate between departments and organizations.


How you can improve learning management, too


Workseed is a platform for practical, working-life oriented learning. It is widely used in retail, services, and industry. The platform is well suited for new employee onboarding and work-based learning. 

In case you are already planning to improve learning and development in your organization, we recommend you read our popular article on 10 important criteria to consider when choosing a new LMS. 

In case you want to know more about Workseed LMS in particular, you can book a demo with our experts. We will help you determine how Workseed can improve training and HR functions just in your organizations.