Thank you for your interest!

Please leave your contact information and we will arrange a demo of Workseed through Teams

In the demo you get the following:

  • You can see an overview of the Workseed learning platform with its features and benefits – At the end of the presentation, you will receive the test credentials if you wish
  • You can concretely see how Workseed stands out for its usability – especially when it comes to developing the skills to perform the work, the difference to the competitors is crushing
  • You will see how key the competences are defined for products and personnel groups to be visible, monitored and further developed
  • You will learn how to build the onboarding process on the platform to be as independent and automated as possible by minimizing the resources that go into onboarding in the future (This can also be applied to any learning path)
  • You will learn how Workseed can create and manage different language versions in an innovative way, saving a lot of time
  • And much more…