Our story

The story of Workseed began in 2016, when the planned vocational education reform in Finland awakened great concerns in teachers. One vocational college came to us with these concerns and a need to make it easier to manage learning and the construct of degrees and visualise individual progress of students. With our strong commercialising and application development competence we designed the basic idea behind Workseeds learning paths and got the platform to the hands of teachers within the same year. Soon after use of Workseed also expanded to universities of applied sciences, as the need to improve training processes had risen to many of their strategies. During following years development of Workseed has been driven by close cooperation with tens of different institutes and departments.

Focus of our development is still in the needs of education, understanding teachers needs and creating an easy to use LMS (learning Management System)-application to answer them. We are not just copying the same features as other LMS systems, but are instead focusing on the things our customers really need. In addition our services are customer need oriented, including significant pedagogical support to implementing new educational apporoaches. We believe, that when we build our services towards the true needs of vocational competence, we can offer the most innovative LMS for vocational and higher education institutes.

Our team

henkilö Aaro Hassinen

Aaro Hassinen

Full Stack Developer

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Joakim Kytölä

Sales Director

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henkilö Markus Huomo

Aaro Hassinen

QA Engineer

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Markus Weiland


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henkilö Meredith Sigwarth

Meredith Sigwarth

Marketing Assistant

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Mikael Sommarberg

Lead Developer

henkilö Teemu Tiainen

Teemu Tiainen

Solution Expert

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Vesa Ylämäki

Full Stack Developer

Certified pedagogy

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  • Pedagogical apreach of Workseed helps teachers plan learning assignments to comply with learning targets.
  • Evaluation uniformity is of paramount importance, when pursuiting professional development. With Workseed students are given feedback from teachers, company instructors and other students.
  • Workseed supports competence improvement through evaluation and reflection: from creative problem solving to cooperation skills.
  • Workseed helps students to consciously learn important learning skills.


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