Is managing and monitoring certifications challenging?

Monitoring certifications is important for the company’s operations and safety but at the same time it is often time-consuming. Unfortunately, certifications are still often recorded and maintained in separate Excels. Keeping information up to date requires manual work and is commonly the responsibility of one person. The situation can be improved by maintaining all competencies in the HR system, but it is easy to automate the process even further.

The most effective solution for managing certifications is a platform where they are automatically linked to the courses and other training events. Reminders about the expiring certifications are delivered to the learner and the person in charge of the training. So there will be enough time to renew the certification. In addition, the course or online training event required for the renewal of the certification can be assigned to the learner automatically. As a result, the learners can take care of their personal skills independently, the workload of HR will be reduced and there will be no interruptions in the validity of certifications.


Marie Leivo, Digital Marketing Specialist